Psychic trauma is a prcess intiated by an event that confronts an individual with acute, overwhelming threat. The trauma tears up the individual´s psychological anchors, which are fixe in a secure sense of what has been in the past and what should be in the present. Psychologist Prague says: when a traumatic event occurs that represents nothing like the security of past events, and the individual´s mind is unable to effectively answer basic questions of how and why it occurred and what it means, crisis ensues.



Trauma occurs when an experience is perceived as life-threatening and overwhelms normal coping skills. When persons are traumatized, much of what they assume about themselves, others, and the purposes of their lives are disrupted and lose connectedness. The concept of connections is integral to a posttrauma intervention model.  What are needed to maintain and reconstruct those meaningful connections between oneself and one´s community are both the presence of inspirational persons in the community and effective tasks designed by oneself. Psychotherapy Prague together, the individual and the community help recreate these connections in meaningful, creative, and responsible ways, which may result in change on a different level.



Treatment of PTSD has three principal components: a) processing and coming to terms with the horrifying, overwhelming experience, b)  controlling and mastering physiological and biological stress reactons, and c)  reestablishing secure social connections and interpersonal efficacy. One of highly recommended treatments is EMDR therapy. Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing was developed by Francine Shapiro. There are eight basic treatment components to EMDR – history taking and treatment planning, preparation, assessment, desensitization, installation, body scan, closure, and reevaluation.  The therapy may be at least as effective in treatment of simple PTSD as the cognitive behavior approaches, but it requires less time for a treatment.

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